Q345 is a steel material. It is low carbon alloy steel (c <0.2%), good overall performance, low temperature performance, cold stamping performance, welding performance and machinability. S355MCsteel coil widely used in bridges, vehicles, ships, construction, pressure vessels and so on. Q represents the yield of this material, behind the 345, refers to the yield value of this material, at 345MPa or so. And will increase the yield value as the thickness of the material increases.
S355MCsteel coi is a German model of low-carbon alloy steel, corresponding to Q345B steel coil model.

Chemical composition (%) of S355MC steel coil
C ≤ 0.1200
Mn ≤ 1.5000
P ≤ 0.0250
S ≤ 0.0200
Si ≤ 0.5000
V ≤ 0.2000
Ti ≤ 0.1500
Al ≥ 0.0150
Chemical composition (%) of Q045B steel coil
Q045B: C≤0.20, Mn 1.0-1.6, Si≤0.55, P≤0.040, S≤0.040, V 0.02 to 0.15;
The above is the S355MC and Q345B chemical composition ,we can see form that S355MC steel coil and Q345B chemical composition are very similar in Chemical composition.
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